Parking Lot Cleaning

Stop Letting Debris and Filth Collect On Your Parking Lot! We Offer Proper Cleaning Solutions to Eliminate the Grime from your Property!

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Professional Parking Lot Cleaning

You take great pride in your business! Thus, keeping the curbside appeal of your building perfect for your clientele is a driving force for you. Your parking lot is also as important as the rest of your business, and if your parking lot is dirty, unattractive, your business will too.  

Over time debris collects on your parking lot, and that can damaging the surface. Engine oil, salt, and harsh chemicals can be damaging to your parking space. Oil, in particular, can be very damaging, and preventing this from sticking on your parking lot is very important. Additionally, mildew, algae, and other foreign contaminate may grow and overwhelm paved areas creating unattractive, slippery, or disgusting outdoor spaces. 

Whether you have stained concrete driveways or treacherous walkways, Tri-State Softwash LLC will use effective, yet safe cleaning solutions and solvents to brighten and restore surfaces, build curb appeal, and provide you with a safe, attractive space for visitors and guests.

Our power washing solutions will make sure your parking lot is clean and attractive!

We have an amazing team ready to help brighten and decontaminate your paved walkways, driveways, parking lots, and other areas. Your outdoor is exposed to a lot of possible contamination’s, Tri-State Softwash LLC is well equipped to deal with any challenges you may have. Soft washing your parking lot is exactly what you need!

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Happy Customers

"Tri-State SoftWash did a fantastic job cleaning our house and deck. We had over grown shrubs removed and our house had alot of discoloration. IT IS ALL GONE! We highly recommend Tri-State SoftWash."   

-Teresa D. 

"Eddie just finished softwashing our house and walkways and WOW - we couldn't be more impressed or happier with the results. Our house was filthy and Eddie's knowledge and state of the art equipment did the entire job in an hour and a half! I was so amazed that I called my parents up and invited them over to see the work being done

-Brian N.

"Eddie did an awesome job on our home! The house and walk ways look like new again and all for a very fair price. I highly recommend Tri-State if you need your house or deck washed!"

-Matthew M.




"Eddie was able to come out and power wash my house quickly and did a super job. I would highly recommend him."


-Jennifer B.



"Eddie washed and painted our deck last summer!! He did an awesome job!! Can’t wait to use our deck this summer!! Eddie always does great work!!!"

-Betty R.

"Eddie washed our home and it was a tremendous difference!!!! It looks brand new. Timely and convenient. If you want your home to look brand new call Eddie at Tri-State SoftWash!"

-Jeremy C.



Our Services


House Washing

Soft  washing is the best way to clean your home. When your house is covered with dirt, mold, mildew, or grime, you’ll need a professional house cleaner to help give your home its original beauty.


Pressure Washing

Work with an expert to get safe, affordable, and reliable pressure washing services.
We can restore your home to its original beauty with safe, damage-free pressure washing.


Roof Cleaning

The ideal solution to your present demise. We offer professionally done pressure washing for your roof. Our low-pressure roof cleaning is safe for all types of roofing materials and shingles.

/gutter cleaning/

Gutter Cleaning

There are specific techniques we will use to make sure we leave your gutter in perfect condition. Our incredibly friendly team will quickly take care of your gutters while accommodating any budget!

Concrete Cleaning

 We use professional-grade hot water and the correct cleaning solutions. This will ensure to brighten your concrete surfaces while removing slippery spills and harmful bacteria.

/parking lot cleaning/

Parking Lot Cleaning

Our power washing solutions will make sure your parking lot is clean and attractive. We have an amazing team ready to help brighten your paved walkways, driveways, parking lots, and other areas.


Graffiti Removal

We have the solution you need. We have a team of dedicated technicians who’ll be at your disposal to remove the marks on your wall. We will prevent any damage to your property.

/rust removal/

Rust Removal

Tri-State Softwash LLC is well equipped to remove rust from your property. We have well-trained professionals who’ll dedicate their years of practice and experience to removing rust from your property.

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